How a designer works is always unique, and it can be challenging to assess whether or not that unique working style will fit your team. This is especially true if you compare how a designer works in a single sprint versus how they contribute year-over-year.

To help, I have separated my portfolio into two sections; the first focuses on displaying my longer-term work strategies, and the second drills down into specific projects to understand my design works day-to-day.


I have been fortunate to work on projects in a myriad of industries: civic tech, education, fin-tech, and DevOps. Below are a few of my favorite projects, showing my design process in action.

Onvi: zero to market ready

With my help, the Onvi team was able to pivot their current product offerings to meet rapid changes in the Food and Hospitality markets after the world reopens from COVID-19. In 3 months, we released our MVP and, just three months later, had a fully market-viable offering.

Enhancing the GitLab Registries

From 500 packages to 1 million! My involvement in GitLab's Package and Container Registries covers foundational discovery research through design, development, and eventually quality and product data strategy.

Helping  local Parks & Rec team

Your local parks and recreation department handles more than just the neighborhood pool. Rec agencies are in charge of sports leagues, after-school programs, recreation centers, events, parks, forests, lakes, and even golf courses.

enhancing city code inspections

The primary focus of the Inspector App is to enable city growth through organizing inspections. This single solution allows cities and municipalities to smooth and simplify the building inspection process.  

Deep dives

In this area of my portfolio, I drill down into the details of some of my past design projects, working styles, and thought leadership related to my past experiences.